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Workshop on monitoring and ensure the quality of the General Census

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National Institute of Statistics in collaboration with the United Nations Fund for Population and workshop on the follow-up and ensure the quality of the census at various stages during the period 27 to 29 December 2013 inn in Yasmine Hammamet . He has participated in the activities of this workshop officials to oversee the census regions (27 area supervision ) and officials of the provinces. And Mr. Jalal al-Din bin Rajab Director -General of the Institute of the opening of the workshop and stressed the importance and the extent of its contribution to ensure the quality of the census and thus ensure the quality of data that is falling exploited. Has supervised the framing workshop Mr. Lutfi Harizi artistic director of the Census and Ms. Nadia Ataiwehra in charge of monitoring and quality assurance of the General Census of Population and Housing in 2014 and its response to the standards of professional quality. It also resulted in the recommendations of the group work process to ensure the quality of the next stages , especially stage the actual count . In addition, the composition of the participants in how to communicate with the help of an expert who specializes in contact in order to qualify during the census so that agents count tighten formation mechanisms in communication with the citizens .